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Bounty Now and Forever • Vitality of Formation         a parent’s guide to Catholic Catechism                            Kathleen Bennett                      Haley's • 978-1-948389-13-3 • $10.00

     Consider purchasing my recent easy-to-read publication, a guide for parents, Godparents, and guardians as they prepare their children for the sacraments, from Baptism to Confirmation and beyond. This book serves to refresh catechism basics as well as to rekindle faith while raising children in the rich traditions of the UniversalChurch.


     Faith is  . . . Trust. So, trusting in God’s Love, God’s Omnipotence, God’s Omnipresence, his Mercy and Faithfulness to all generations remains paramount. Knowing that we can come to him with anything and everything ultimately soothes the soul. In his Truth and Love we thrive.                                                                    Embracing all the tools that our Catholic Church has given us, including Sacraments, Holy Scripture, and Traditions--under the direction of the Magisterium reaps absolute blessings of peace, joy, love, and salvation.                                                                     Being, or becoming, closer to our Creator through communion with him in prayer in our everyday, busy lives is what separates us from a dark and destructive secularism that sweeps current-day society. Such godlessness deprives souls of joy, peace, pure love, and the hope that our faith engenders.

      Non-practicing or non-Catholics alike may whet curiosity by reading this comprehensive insight of Catholicism in modern times.

       Sections of my book contain, in part, Fullness of our Faith, First Fruits of our Time, Defending Our Faith, Morals, What is the Mass, The Seven Sacraments and their Classification, Common Prayers, and the Holy Rosary.

       Bounty Now works Ideally in conjunction with religious education programs on the parish level. I offer a 10% discount on orders of 10 or more books. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

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